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Glutathione! Glutathione! Glutathione!


You might wonder why the very first blog post for ORIGIN-22.com would be about glutathione and not about ORIGIN-22’s ability to support the healing of some the most serious gut / G.I. (gastrointestinal) problems, by inducing mature cells to a pluripotent state.  Well, there’s a really good reason…TOXINS!

Unfortunately, in an age where we should be living healthier longer lives, millions of people are living longer…sicker lives.  This is largely due to the toxin overload that we’re collectively experiencing from an environment gone wild (See EWG Study Video Below), e.g.: pesticides in food; air and water pollution (including municipal water treatment chemicals); airborne radiation, e.g.: Fukushima; Chernobyl; depleted uranium released from military ordinance; nuclear power plants that release radioactive steam monthly.  These are just a few; there are many more.  On top of all that, there’s enough clinical evidence available that many savvy natural health practitioners now treat people for undetectable viral infections because no diagnostic tests exist to identify what is most likely a viral explosion.

Consequently, when all of these toxic oxidative stress factors are combined they account for the disturbing increase of chronic illnesses plaguing millions around the world.  You have to keep in mind that your body–especially as you age–is essentially a bio-accumulator.

As you may know, damaged cells lose their ability to take in nutrients and expel toxins.  Hence, when cells turnover during the cellular regeneration process, toxins stored in those cells are released.  If these toxins aren’t neutralized and/or removed from your body they recirculate and redeposit.

That’s where the vital importance of glutathione comes in.

Glutathione (GSH) is a combination of three simple protein or amino acid building blocks: cysteine, glycine and glutamine, which are naturally produced in humans/animals, plants, fungi, some bacteria, and archaea.  GSH is vitally important to your health because it’s capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals.

Free radical damage comes in many forms and antioxidants quench the ‘fire’ caused by these free radicals.  One of the more dangerous enemies of your gut / G.I. tract and overall health is the accumulation of toxic heavy metals.  In trace amounts some metals, like copper, zinc, etc., are necessary for good health (though, too much is bad).  On the other hand, lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic are examples of heavy metals that aren’t good for you. Even though these metals don’t have a biological role, their toxic effects interfere with metabolic processes, feed viruses, and produce oxidative free radicals, which are serious factors in chronic illness.

If you’re chronically ill you can almost take it to the bank that your glutathione stores are depleted.

Now, it’s important to understand that not all antioxidant enzymes chelate heavy metals.  Glutathione, on the other hand, does.  That’s right…glutathione safely and reliably chelates toxic heavy metals and more.


Glutathione is said to be the most critical and integral part of your body’s detoxification system for two simple reasons:

  1. All the bad things in your body stick to it like fly paper; including free radicals/oxidative molecules, and heavy metals; and
  2. It recycles antioxidants.

So, forget trying to fish toxins out with zeolites, charcoal, nano Bucky balls, etc.; all of these “detoxifiers” eventually create their own backlash.  Instead, go straight for the BIG GUNORAL GLUTATHIONE.

Our own collective, constant attempts at effective detoxification finally ended when we stopped listening to the naturopaths telling us “you can’t possibly use oral glutathione because it isn’t bio-available when taken orally”Completely incorrect.  Oral glutathione has demonstrated to us that it’s the safest, most reliable, proven method of eliminating body toxins.  If you’re suffering from a chronic health issue it’s vital to keep your glutathione levels as high as possible—especially as you age.  Normally, glutathione is naturally recycled in the body—except when the toxic load becomes too great.  When that happens, you need to supplement your stores of glutathione.

The Synergistic ORIGIN-22 Glutathione Connection

If you’re aging, suffering from chronic gut and G.I. tract problems, or any other chronic health issue, glutathione supplementation is a requisite synergistic partner to ORIGIN-22.  ORIGIN-22 has been shown (internationally) over the past two decades to be one of the most powerful gut and G.I. tract tissue regenerators on the market, which mobilizes pluripotent stem cell production.  As stated above, cellular mobilization releases toxins bound in damaged cells and wounded tissues.  Glutathione’s ability to neutralize and remove these toxins amplifies ORIGIN-22’s effectiveness and lets you regenerate cells in a healthier environment.


Although we don’t sell it, the best brand of oral glutathione we’ve come across (the only one we use and recommend) is Pure Therapeutics, Glutathione Gold.  We recommend it without reservation because we consistently find this glutathione to be the very best, most effective, fastest acting glutathione on the market…and, at a great price.

For more information, please read the manufacturer’s blog: Pure Thera Glutathione Gold Blog.


In 2006 the Environmental Working Group conducted a study where they tested the blood of ten randomly picked individuals across the USA for 413 toxins.


These chemicals ranged from:

  • 28 waste by-products;
  • 47 consumer product ingredients;
  • 12 industrial chemicals; and

Of the chemicals present:

  • 34 are carcinogens;
  • 151 are associated with birth defects;
  • 154 cause hormone disruption;
  • 186 cause infertility; and
  • 30 are immune system toxicants and neurotoxins like lead, PCB’s, and mercury.

All of these chemicals in combination create a rather “silent pandemic”.  Moreover, some of these chemicals are present in only parts per billion!  Are they dangerous; do they have any effect at such low concentrations?   WATCH THIS VIDEO AND FIND OUT

Thank you for investing time to explore this information.  We hope it provides significant and effective value to your life.

Health and Blessings,

The folks at ORIGIN-22.com

Please stay tuned for more articles designed to help you get and stay healthy!!